The dogsled team pictured in the header of the website is one of two belonging to the British Antarctic Survey that swept by Base O’Higgins in January, 1962, on an expedition down the North Antarctic Peninsula. I happened to spot them one morning when I woke up. I grabbed my camera, climbed the Continental Glacier, and spent a few minutes chatting with them before they drove south. There’s a passage in Frozen in Time drawn from this encounter. That’s not me waving from the dogsled (unfortunately ... I would have loved to have tried that).
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Night Shadows, by Theodore Jerome Cohen
"The case in Night Shadows develops with structural underpinnings and plot machinations so advanced even the most savvy of mystery readers will
‘raise an eyebrow’ to the skill used by Cohen."
~ Gary Sorkin for Pacific Book Review


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The Detective Louis Martelli NYPD Mystery/Thriller Series

Antarctic Trilogy
murder mystery based on real eventsMurder and Intrigue in the Antarctic!

"A nasty little piece of skullduggery ..."
thriller novelA master at creating an aura of mystery, suspense, and drama ..." action mystery novelThe culmination of the Antarctic Saga.

"Poised at the edge of a frozen crevasse."

Antarctic Trilogy

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"Age is no barrier to setting goals."
Shortwave Propogation Handbook