The dogsled team pictured in the header of the website is one of two belonging to the British Antarctic Survey that swept by Base O’Higgins in January, 1962, on an expedition down the North Antarctic Peninsula. I happened to spot them one morning when I woke up. I grabbed my camera, climbed the Continental Glacier, and spent a few minutes chatting with them before they drove south. There’s a passage in Frozen in Time drawn from this encounter. That’s not me waving from the dogsled (unfortunately ... I would have loved to have tried that).
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Eighth Circle, by Theodore Jerome Cohen
"If Eighth Circle looks like it was taken from the case files of the New York Police Department—and it does—it's because Cohen is a real-life sleuth! It was he who helped me with research for my true story exposing a network of criminals, some with ties to organized crime, who were destroying pharmaceutical companies developing promising treatments for cancer. Based on real-world events, Cohen's Martelli novels are great fun to read . . . and much less depressing than reality!"
~ Mark Mitchell

Mark Mitchell has been an editorial page writer for the Wall Street Journal and is the author of
The Dendreon Effect: How Felons, Con-men and Wall Street Insiders Manipulate High-tech Stocks

The Detective Louis Martelli NYPD Mystery/Thriller Series

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Antarctic Trilogy

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"Age is no barrier to setting goals."
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